Congratulations to ALL State Qualifiers!

MAJOR CHANGES At State Meet This Year:

1. State Meet will be held in 26 different locations called "HUBS."  I will be with you in spirit.

2. Your school must REGISTER and select a location by Friday, April 23.  All of this is done on the UIL Academics website.  I am not in charge of this.

3. Study and take along the UIL Accounting Handbook.  Be flexible and adapt.  I am not in charge of how the HUB contest directors conduct your meet.  Coaches, be prepared to volunteer so that your HUB contest is run efficiently.  If you have questions about how your HUB's event will be administered, you will need to contact that HUB contest director.

4. Because we cannot all be together in Austin for the State Meet, I hope to showcase some of the Special Recognition categories that we typically have during our Awards Ceremony. I hope to publish these on the UIL Accounting website.  (Look to the left menu on this page for the link "2021 Special Recognition.")  Any input you have would be appreciated.  I want to start a new category of recognition called "Powerhouse Team" in which all FOUR team members score in the 300s and up (at District OR Region OR State).  At District meets this year, there were TWO schools who accomplished this.  SO IMPRESSIVE!

Message to STATE Contest Directors:

If you will be serving as a State contest director for UIL Accounting, please contact me if you have any questions about the contest materials or how the UIL Accounting contest should be conducted.

The contest materials are written based on the Texas state-adopted first-year high school accounting texts.  Unless you are familiar with the  content of accounting theory covered at this level, your interpretation of the correct answer to a question could be different from the one in the key provided by the writer of the test.  So please contact State Director, LaVerne Funderburk, before changing the key so that we may discuss your concerns.

Thank you for your service and for your preparation to make this a successful experience for the contestants!

REQUEST for Photos 

As most of you know, I am the official keeper of the UIL Accounting Photo album AND I have a Power Point of Champions that I show at UIL Capital Conference and at UIL Student Activity Conferences.  Please email me photos of the following:

1. State Individual Gold Medalist for your Conference (1A, 2A etc)

2. State Team Gold for your Conference (and COACH should be in the photo also holding the School Plaque if it is available)  (Be sure to tell me the names of the people from left to right)

3. Photo of your student who is a STATE 3-Peat (made it to State Meet in UIL Accounting in 2018, 2019, 2021) (Recall we did not have State Meet in 2020 because of Covid, so it is not possible to have a 4-Peat this year)

4. Photo of your student autographing the cover sheet of the 2021 State test because he/she had a PERFECT SCORE at this year's State Meet(s) 

Thank you and Good Luck at State!

LaVerne Funderburk
UIL Accounting State Contest Director
last update April 17, 2021

Coaches, please use this email address to contact the State Director: 

EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If the content of this website does not answer your questions about this contest, please e-mail me.  Your input will help improve the site for everyone involved.

Accounting Program for Building the Profession

The Accounting Pilot and Bridge Project has a new name!  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is collaborating with state CPA societies and/or state departments of education, along with the creator of the program, Dr. Dan Deines, CPA, to help high school accounting teachers further the impact you have on students by inviting you to attend training on higher-order accounting curriculum called the AICPA Accounting Program for Building the Profession (APBP).  

If you are looking for a way to bring a higher level of Accounting education to your school, with a higher "weight" towards graduation requirements, AND potentially offer college credit for your students, please check out this curriculum.  Summer training sessions are forming now and filling up quickly.

For more information, please visit the website:    Start Here Go Places !!

Posted March 24, 2018

Contest Rules

The rules are found on the UIL Academic website using the top tab "Policy."  Look for the section called Constitution and Contest Rules and click on Academic Contest Rules.  Sections 900 through 906 include rules and policies for ALL academic events including Accounting.

Section 920 Accounting--This section is specifically for the Accounting contest.  (Just don't forget to look at Sections 900 through 906!!!)

Each academic contest has an accompanying "Handbook" that provides essential procedural content. The "UIL Accounting Handbook" is available on the UIL Academics website using the top menu tab called "Resources."  Then look in the left menu for "Handbooks & Manuals for Academic Contests." 

Coaches and students should carefully review all of the above rules and Handbook procedures.  Failure to do so could lead to a contestant's disqualification from the contest.  You can avoid adverse results by being informed and prepared!

This section was reviewed for content on July 23, 2020.


High School State-Adopted Texts

The content of the UIL Accounting contest materials is based on high school FIRST-year Accounting as suggested by the Texas state-adopted materials.

Proclamation 2017 was issued in April 2015 with adoption to occur in November 2016.  The new materials are for classroom use beginning with the 2017-18 school year.

The materials listed on the Texas state-adopted list include: 1) Glencoe Accounting (McGraw-Hill Education, printed 2016); 2) South-Western Century 21 Accounting (Cengage Learning, Tenth Edition, printed 2016); and CEV Multimedia Ltd. (Please note that Cengage Southwestern offers a "General Journal approach" textbook and a "Multicolumn Journal approach" textbook.)

These publishers may print or update to subsequent editions, but not all schools will upgrade. Therefore, the UIL Accounting contest materials will continue to refer to the editions originally adopted for classroom use in the State of Texas (as listed above, printed in 2016).

Reviewed for content July 23, 2020

UIL Accounting Concepts List 2020-21

Please see the attached PDF file for the UIL Schedule of Concepts for the Accounting Contest.  This is also known as the "UIL Accounting Concepts List." 

The UIL Accounting Concepts List is a GENERAL FRAMEWORK to guide coaches and contestants as you prepare for each level of competition.  The list is NOT all-inclusive.

The first school year this "new" list was used was 2017-18 and was added to this website on December 10, 2017.   

Reviewed for content July 23, 2020

UIL Conflict Pattern

Please be aware that contest scheduling has a guideline set by UIL referred to as the Conflict Pattern.  This grid or table is available on the UIL Academic website (Resources, Academic Coordinator Resources, Additional Resources).  It helps you see what multiple contests are offered with and without scheduling conflicts.

Typically, a district meet is spread out over a week's time so that overlapping scheduling of contests is avoided.  So students are encouraged to participate in as many UIL academic contests as that district schedule will allow.

But please understand that if you advance to the regional level in several contests, you many have a predicament at to be in two or more places at the same time.  You may have to make some hard choices then.  However, choices are good things and even better when you anticipate them.

Please study the UIL Conflict Pattern available on the UIL Academic website.  We hope Accounting remains your choice!

Reviewed for content July 23, 2020

Official UIL Calendar

The UIL Official Calendar provides vital information about academic contest dates.  For example, it shows:

  • when Set A Invitational materials may first be used
  • when Set B Invitational materials may first be used
  • when the District Meet is held
  • when the Regional Meet is held
  • when the State Meet is held

Set A and Set B Invitational exams are written by LaVerne Funderburk.  Set A will NOT contain "Payroll" content; whereas Set B typically DOES include "Payroll." Schools can order Set A, Set B from UIL to use at invitational meets they host during the range of dates indicated on the Official Calendar.

Please be aware that if you attend two invitational meets during the Set A time period, students may see the same test again.  Not every school hosting an invitational meet will choose to use Set A or Set B materials.  They may write their own tests or purchase them from a vendor.  Call the invitational meet director to inquire BEFORE you board the bus.

Reviewed for content July 23, 2020

Study & Practice Materials

The best way to practice for the UIL Accounting contest is to take prior year tests.  These are available under "Archived Exams" found in the left menu bar.  The UIL Accounting Concepts for 2020-21 is the same as the prior year and is posted on this website.  The updated concept list has the same basic framework as in years past, but does have some new concept additions.  (See the related articles on this site regarding textbooks and the Concept List.) 

The UIL Academic website (Menu item Resources/Academic Coordinator Resources/Additional Resources) lists those vendors who have indicated to the UIL that they have study materials available for sale.

For study materials written by LaVerne Funderburk, please select the Product Sales tab on the top menu of this page.  The products available and ordering instructions may be found there.  Because the UIL Accounting Concept List has the same basic framework, all prior year products are still viable for use in practice.

Reviewed for content July 23, 2020

Visit These Websites Often!

The UIL Academic website was totally revamped in January 2018.  The UIL state office uses their website to communicate with member schools.  The closer we get to spring competition, the more often you should visit the UIL Academic website.  If you are a new academic coach, it is suggested you take a tour early so when you NEED something fast, you will know where to find it.

Likewise, for the most current information about UIL Accounting please visit this site often.  We want students to be prepared for competition and to feel confident in that preparation.

Reviewed for content July 23, 2020